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Palmwine & The Grass Cutter, Nick Neubeck

32 pages
Smyth sewn binding
4 color offset printing
6.5” x 9” matte stock
1000 copies


About Nick Neubeck

Nick Neubeck enjoys working in a number of different mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and collage. He is a self-taught artist who started off at a young age by doodling on his grip-tape and capturing snap-shots with a point and shoot camera. He formerly worked as the art-director of Deluxe (Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Antihero, Krooked), and helped found Rasa Libre. Currently he is a freelance designer working on a variety of projects for Stacks, Huf, Paper Denim, Levi’s, Nike, 2K, and Amnesty International among the others. He has shown in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New York. Nick lives with his wife and two cats in San Francisco.


This book is a compilation of photos of people, you don't know them, they are not famous, and you will probably never meet them. The point of this book isn't even the people in it or the images. The point is exploration of the unknown. There is incredible texture out there that you have to touch to feel; it cannot be perceived through sight alone. Insight and perspective can only be gained through experience.

Inform Educate.
All images from Ghana, two years in the making.