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Couleurs du Spectre, Camille Vivier

68 pages
Saddle stitch
Full color
8.5" x 11"
Limited edition 500 copies


About Camille Vivier

Camille Vivier was born in Paris, France, in 1977. She lives and works in Paris. She started photography when she was an editorial assistant at Purple magazine ten years ago. Since she has collaborated for various magazines (Acne Paper, NY Times, Dazed & Confused, I-D…) and has exhibits her work in galleries and institutions (Stuart Shave Modern Art, London- Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris, Capc, Bordeaux- MEP, Paris…) In a reinterpretation of pictorial genres like nude or still life, fantastic bestiary or magical imagery, she creates her own personal mythology, taking inspiration into literature, cinema, painting and other cultural references more or less conscious. Her pictures are more into a mental and abstract sphere than a realistic world and her settings can be compared to small and fantastic theater scenes in which evolve whispering sculptures, mermaids and a world of curios. Recently she has started filmmaking in the line of her photographic work.


Couleurs du Spectre, contains a selection of photographs by Camille Vivier taken over the last ten years. They blend together classical pictorial subjects such as still life, nudes, and animals but with a distinct personal eye revealing a shadowy universe. Each photograph is theatrically staged employing props and the artifice of light to play with the formal beauty of the subject, while revealing a certain strangeness among the stillness. Vivier uses literature, cinema, and art history to reinterpret common cultural references and create a personal collection of curios and imagery of fantastic animals and characters. The film sequences are an extension of the photographic process and allow for further exploration of themes and imagery.