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Abandon Ship, Dave Schubert

Introduction by Dash Snow
54 pages
Perfect bound
4 color offset printing
6.5” x 9” matte stock
500 copies

All photos shot one week in New York City.


About Dave Schubert

Dave Schubert documents the shadowy existence of players in his day-to-day life. Showing us the struggle of human existence with all of its varied repercussions from doleful to humorous to distressing... As a photographer, his only motivation is to share his world with others. His photographs have been featured at The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, New Image Art in Los Angeles, and The Publico Gallery in Cincinnati. His photographs have been featured in publications such as Anthem, Arktip, Plaza, ANP Quarterly, and Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture Book.


These days too many people are taking pictures and too many pictures are being taken due to the cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and the surveillance that is being done today. This is an evil technological age that we are living in. I also feel that the majority of the people taking these pictures are driven by impure motives. However, I am very pleased to inform you that Dave Schubert exists, and is taking pictures, and has been for quite some time. Dave is a rare being. I don't think of him as a photographer, because to me that's a lame professional word used by corporations. He uses his eyes, his heart, and his hands to make epic pictures. Dave Schubert is a see-er.

Dash Snow