Thought Forms - Seems Books

1626 Florida, Joe Fidel Roberts

24” x 36”
Limited edition 100 copies
Hand numbered & signed by artist

About Joe Fidel Roberts

Joe was born in Madison, Wisconsin. Growing up comic books were his main reading material and can still be seen as an influence in his work. He attended SFAI, but claims he mostly learned about drugs. Using crayons, paper and other found objects, his work creates a world of cartoon imagery laced with personal symbology and humor.

Roberts has shown in San Francisco and Chicago and was also a part of the Haggerty Museum of Art’s Concordia Project in Milwaukee. He currently lives and works in San Francisco. He also enjoys skateboarding and music.


About the print

Joe’s poster is an image of action figures he constructed out of cardboard, paper and other found objects, from 2006 to 2008 in his 1626 Florida St, SF bedroom.