Misha Hollenbach

Born last century. Based in Melbourne, Australia.  Misha Hollenbach lives and works in many languages, times and places.  Hollenbach is one half of the brand Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) a multi media excursion encompassing art, design, fashion, and publishing. He is also part of The Changes, music and art collective.

Hollenbach is influenced by energy, as his work moves through various mediums including sculpture and painting, printed media and collage.  Rather than shy away from objects deemed useless, or unwanted, he embraces their meaningless meanings to create an unfamiliar language containing familiar objects. By employing found objects and pairing them with wit and humor, he continues the narrative of the Dada and Pop artists.

Hollenbach has exhibited in group and solo shows around the world including: V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, MU Gallery in The Netherlands, Gallery Target and Utrecht Gallery in Japan, Alleged and Deitch Projects in New York, Black & Blue in Sydney, Utopian Slumps and Y3K Gallery in Melbourne.



Pink/Brown Stool/Stool