Lele Saveri

Lele Saveri was born in Rome. He studied photography at the University of Greenwich, in London. His photos combining dreams and reality, blending staged images with snapshots, but somehow always timeless. In the photographs, as in the dreams, there’s a incoherence, a free association of turmoils, surprises, sex, laughter, danger, fear, enigmas, exorcisms.

Lele is currently based in New York, where he collaborates with various publications, including Apartamento, D della Repubblica, Rivista Studio, Rolling Stone, Sang Bleu, L’Uomo Vogue, Vice. In addition to working as photographer, he curates the online gallery Ithoughtiwasalone.com together with Serena Pezzato. They have had curated shows in London, Venice, Milan, and Bilbao.



Incubi et Succubi